Month: January 2022

The Basics of Bitcoin

Bit coin is a worldwide payment system and a type of electronic money. Unlike traditional money such as stamped coins or printed banknotes, Bit coin is produced and maintained online. Furthermore, unlike conventional monetary standards, bit coin is not governed by a…Read More »

All you need to know about Crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency, often known as crypto-currency or Crypto, refers to any digital or virtual money that uses encryption to protect transactions. Cryptocurrencies lack a centralized issuing or governing authority instead of relying on a decentralized system to process transactions and award new units.…Read More »

All you need to know about Block chain

A crypto currency functions similarly to a digital form of currency. You may use it to settle a bar tab with buddies, get that new pair of shoes you’ve been admiring, or book flights and accommodations for your next vacation. Crypto currency…Read More »